iPhone app addiction… Hi, my name is Cindi..

Hi, my name is Cindi and I am an addict..   an iPhone apps addict!!!!!!  With just a couple of simple adjustments using the Iris Photo Suite for texture and Snapseed to custom make a frame, I’ve transformed a static, uninteresting image into a sweet little work of art.

Why do I LOVE the iPhone app technology so passionately and unashamedly? For starters, I have my phone with me all the time so anything and everything is fair game. That once in a lifetime event may be right around the corner (see the six young jumping missionaries on the “Get Smart” page.)     Spontaneity can be a bit tougher to experience when you’re shooting with the big camera, you may have to change lenses, set the white balance, get the exposure right, not to mention this gear is heavy to carry! I’m not saying give the big camera up.. I’m saying the iPhone and all the amazing apps are a great way to loosen up and let your creative hair down!

Secondly, did you know you can customize the camera? Any number of apps let you customize the iPhone camera with features such as a self-timer, burst mode, antishake option, an enhanced shutter button, flash and other low-light tools. You may not think you need these options right now but once you really get into shooting with your iPhone you’ll discover these tools simply expand your creative options.

Finally, the iPhone apps make Photoshop-like effects relatively easy. You’ll find apps that allow you to alter and improve your images with adjustments to exposure, sharpness, saturation, cropping, etc. Trust me, the learning curve is much less steep than Photoshop. You’ll find apps that allow you to alter your image to reproduce a Polaroid, toy camera, Holga, Grunge, HDR, Panoramas, Painting, and Cartoon…. oh you name it, you’ll find an effect that will reproduce it!

So keep those eyes open and the trigger finger limber and join me in September when we explore some very powerful tools. We’ll help you can take your iPhone artistry to new levels and then… we’ll start a support group..




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