About Us

About SCOUT Photo Expeditions

SCOUT Photo Expeditions reaches beyond the traditional tourist activity.  It provides the tools for the creative, visual story telling of the moment as well as the past. By definition, an expedition is a journey.  It’s an exploration of discovery.  A scouting trip is an expedition undertaken to gain information. Owner and Founder, Cindi Hobgood, renowned Hollywood movie location scout and photographer, will show you how to go from snap-shooter to a photographer – covering technique and creation of impressive imagery.  You will learn the trade tricks of a travel photographer and the split-second storytelling of a photojournalist.

You will receive instruction on the composition and technical skills required to produce beautiful, images with impact, taking those lessons with you on future trips, with or without SCOUT Photo Expeditions.

The Effect – It’s All About The Light

SCOUT Photo Expeditions specializes in an assortment of visual opportunities and natural effects.  The most intriguing is commonly known as the Golden or Magic Hour.  The Magic Hour occurs around the first and last hours of sunlight during the day when the sun is not directly overhead, but rather a time when a specific photographic effect can be achieved due to the quality of the light.  This is a time of day when the lighting is soft and warm, with long, exaggerated shadows. The colors are blue, golden, pink, turquoise and purple, almost translucent and illuminating in tone,  creating a vivid and more memorable experience.


Influenced by practical artistry with an international flair, SCOUT Photo Expeditions is directly attributed to Cindi Hobgood’s intricate interpretive influences.  Throughout her distinguished career as a scout and location manager on such major motion pictures as The Patriot, The Notebook, Dear John, Clockers, and Jungle Book, she has excelled in her field because of her ability to find locations that define the storyline and delight the imagination.  Washington, DC’s “storyline” has been photographed millions of times by millions of people.  But, how does a photographer capture that unique, once in a lifetime image?  That’s the “magic” of SCOUT Photo Expeditions.