About Cindi Hobgood

For more than 25 years, Cindi Hobgood traveled the world scouting film and television locations for major Hollywood studios… thus the name SCOUT Photo Expeditions!

Location scouting for the entertainment industry sent Cindi and her camera to more than 20 states and 10 countries where she found the perfect stage for the boy to kiss the girl, the battle to be waged, or the child to romp in the jungle. During the scouting process Cindi would photograph hundreds of locations in countless ways in order to translate a “sense of place” to the directors, production designers, and cinematographers on a given project. She would carefully annotate stunning locations, including compass readings, to establish the location for a perfect shot, and would provide insight on the quality and availability of light at given times of day.

Cindi scouted locations for more than 160 projects, including Separate But Equal, The Patriot, Jungle Book, The Notebook, Dear John, The Amazing Race and Wheel of Fortune; working for Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Disney, New Line Cinema, HBO, United Artists, Republic Pictures, and Sony among others.  Cindi worked for some of the most highly recognized and established producers and directors in the industry, including Jim Dyer, Roland Emmerich, Spike Lee, Nick Cassavetes, Lasse Hallstrom, Sam Shepard, Nik Powell, Irwin Winkler, George Stevens, Jr., Stan Margulies, Evan Weinstein, and Bob Sofia.

The technical elements of film scouting and location management have helped Cindi hone her photography and leadership skills. She has the eye of a travel photographer, the quickness of a photojournalist, the artistry of a landscape photographer… and the ability to teach and translate what she sees to her colleagues and clients.

If you want to create something unique with your camera, spend the day with Cindi Hobgood.


An award-winning photographer, Cindi studied photography at UNC Chapel Hill in the Radio, Television, Motion Picture department. She went on to study at Savannah College of Art and Design and after Hurricane Hugo, headed to California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.

Cindi Hobgood is a member of Destination DC (the Washington, DC Convention and Tourism corporation) and Women Photojournalists of Washington.