Memorials by Moonlight

When the sun goes down, the lights come on. Whether it be a dazzling color wash of a DC sunset, the spotlights and streetlights along the National Mall, or the glow of the moon, experimenting with light only gets more fun “after dark.”

One of the best ways to see DC is through the viewfinder of a tripod-mounted camera as the sky goes from bright to night. Join us as SCOUT explores the darkness and the light of some of the most iconic locations in DC during the Memorials by Moonlight Expedition. Learn the basic techniques of nighttime photography, such as white balance, exposure, and camera settings.

We start shooting at the Lincoln Memorial – one of the world’s most spectacular monuments – full of floodlights and white surfaces. We then walk to the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial to help you portray the unique feeling of “being there” by playing with shadow and silhouette. Along the banks of the Potomac River we’ll shoot the historic Arlington Memorial Bridge and show you how to get a surreal effect with the movement of water and get the starburst effect from the lights on the bridge. From there we’ll record reflections on the Tidal Basin, learn to “paint with light”, interpret the somber tones of the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial and get a lovely shot of the Jefferson Memorial framed by DC’s famous cherry trees.

From taillights to camera flashes, from moonlight to floodlight, the excitement of hunting the light after dark makes nighttime photography an exciting creative challenge.

Be sure to bring your tripod so you can fully explore the possibilities of low-light photography.

Points of Interest

  • Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Arlington Memorial Bridge, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Meeting Location     Front steps of the Lincoln Memorial

A majestic and historic spot to meet for Expeditions. At the western foot of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial is central to the city, and leads to just about anywhere, in any direction, by foot.

Friday nights:         (Spring, Summer and Fall)

Times:     As the seasons change, sunset times do, too.   Our expedition starts 30 minutes before the sunset and last 3 hours.

Cost        $84.00